April 12, 2020

The age old question, is it Mazel Tov or Mazal Tov? Who knew words could be so complicated!

In actual fact it's not so complicated after all and here's why.

'Mazel' or 'Mazal' means 'Luck'.

The modern Hebrew word for Luck is Mazal and is pronounced with an 'a'. The Yiddish word for Luck is Mazel and pronounced with an 'e'.

Depending upon where you originate from will depend on how you pronounce and subsequently say or write the word, it is as simple as that.  There is no right or wrong answer.

You can use Mazal Tov or...

July 21, 2018

I can't believe it's almost Jewish New Year again - Rosh Hashanah comes around so quickly these days!  Over the last couple of weeks I've been scouring the internet and my favourite Kosher recipe books for some new Rosh Hashanah recipes to delight my family with!

My crew are particularly fond of both apple and ginger and honey roast sticky wings so after the Bella Jacob YomTov rush is over, you'll find me in my kitchen cooking up a storm getting ready for first night Yom Tov dinner.  This year is no exception,...

Shopping for Bar Mitzvah cards and Bat Mitzvah cards can sometimes be a challenge. With most high street stores stocking simple designs, it’s likely you won’t find some of the very best of Jewish Greeting Cards in big malls and department stores.

Choosing the right Bar Mitzvah Card

When it comes to buying Bar Mitzvah cards, there will be some who enjoy hunting for that perfect Jewish card that captures the message they want to convey or others who want find a card that adds some classic good Jewish humour.

Choosing the ri...


Exam fever 2018 is coming to its climax with many students having their last exams this week and next - *** yayyyyyy ***

In our house we have one finishing a BTEC (3 A-Level equivalent) and another doing #GCSES. 

My Husband and I have been on shpilkes waiting for news every day... "How did the exam go?" and we have been greeted almost continually with the response "As expected"....

There will be a host of parents, friends and family members all rallying around after st...

February 18, 2018

This blog has nothing to do with the Jewish Greeting card business. Jewish tea towels perhaps, but not Jewish greeting cards. I’m going to discuss my very first experience of cooking Shabbat Dinner for 80 guests. I'm lying in bed on a Sunday evening rather shattered but thought I'd write something of the experience.

My middle step son is the head of a Jewish Youth Group called Bnei Akiva. Every week he dedicates some of his time to organising workshops and games for the Youth at our local synagogue that take place on a...

February 3, 2018

30TH MARCH – APRIL 7TH 2018 or the Hebrew date NISSAN 15-22, 5778

Here we go again it’s time for Pesach (Passover) and some of us are already thinking about how we will embrace our rich Jewish traditions.

One thing’s for sure, we’re going to be very busy cleaning our homes from top to bottom of Chometz with our modern- day feathers AKA The Dyson and swapping over all our pots and pans to ensure we are fully ready and Kosher for Passover. I’m glad Pesach falls in Spring because I have always used it as a marker for my ann...

December 11, 2017

There’s no denying how popular and diverse the greeting card market of today is. Despite the pull the Internet has had when it comes to e-cards, the greeting card industry remains as popular, if not stronger than ever.

While the early introduction of the Jewish greeting card may have appeased people during more conventional celebrations such as Jewish New Year, Chanukah and Bar & Bat Mitzvahs the modern-day equivalent allows for a mixture of fun and humour and the ability to really let personal messages shine through.


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