Shopping for Bar Mitzvah cards and Bat Mitzvah cards can sometimes be a challenge. With most high street stores stocking simple designs, it’s likely you won’t find some of the very best of Jewish Greeting Cards in big malls and department stores. Choosing the right Bar Mitzvah Card When it comes to buying Bar Mitzvah cards, there will be some who enjoy hunting for that perfect Jewish card that captures the message they want to convey or others who want find a card that adds some classic good Jewish humour. Choosing the right type of Bar Mitzvah card can say a lot about the relationship you hold with the person, as well as how special they are to you. For example, if a family friend is having


WHEN THE BELL RINGS PUT DOWN YOUR PENCILS... Exam fever 2018 is coming to its climax with many students having their last exams this week and next - *** yayyyyyy *** In our house we have one finishing a BTEC (3 A-Level equivalent) and another doing #GCSES. My Husband and I have been on shpilkes waiting for news every day... "How did the exam go?" and we have been greeted almost continually with the response "As expected".... There will be a host of parents, friends and family members all rallying around after students again this Summer, helping them navigate through exams and dissertations as smoothly as possible and the obvious #pushyparents doing their thing. Personally speaking I have bee