Is it Mazel or Mazal?

The age old question, is it Mazel Tov or Mazal Tov? Who knew words could be so complicated! In actual fact it's not so complicated after all and here's why. 'Mazel' or 'Mazal' means 'Luck'. The modern Hebrew word for Luck is Mazal and is pronounced with an 'a'. The Yiddish word for Luck is Mazel and pronounced with an 'e'. Depending upon where you originate from will depend on how you pronounce and subsequently say or write the word, it is as simple as that. There is no right or wrong answer. You can use Mazal Tov or Mazel Tov. ________________________________________________________ What you should also know... In Hebrew, we say things back to front! As an example if you have tummy ache, y