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I want to understand the magic of Kosher Chicken Soup.

Why is IT that Jewish Chicken Soup is so legendary? Not just in Jewish homes but globally. I switched on #ITV two weeks ago to listen to #SharonOsbourne talking about #Matzoballsoup on the #XFactor and Adam Sandler named his dog after the legendary Kneidel (Matzo Ball). It is so much more than just SOUP.

Whether you call it Jewish Penicillin, Matzo Ball Soup or simply, Jewish Chicken Soup you'll be hard pushed to find any chef in the world who hasn't tried to crack the secret recipe and try their hand at the Alchemy. It's not just Jewish Chefs either! Jamie Oliver also had a punt at it but I kind of feel he missed a trick by not using a Kosher bird.

For as long as the generations in my family can remember, the #Jewishtradition of making a great Chicken Soup has been long standing. I’m going back four generations here all the way to Latvia and some. It is the answer to everything, feeling better, celebrating and normal fressing with family and friends.

As a child I remember every Friday looking forward to #Shabbatdinner just to taste a bowl of my own Mums Chicken soup and how much Challah I could dunk in one go. Personally I think my Mum makes the best Chicken Soup in the world, but then again, so does everyone else’s Mum apparently!

During my professional life, I have often taken Chicken Soup into my office for people to try and also sent batches round to people’s homes if they were sick. I think some people in the office thought I might have been a Witch Doctor, but alas, no, just the daughter of an incredible Ballabusta.

Kosher Chicken Soup has become so iconic I also dedicated a greeting card to it. I’m a good soup maker, but probably not THE best, so making a card sounded like a better idea. I still leave the soup making to my Mother - apparently it's her pleasure, so I'll stick with it!

Kosher Chicken Soup

Personally speaking I’m not sure I love anyone more than Chicken Soup and Kneidels (apart from my Cat) but hey, it’s a sincere and very huge compliment, so if you ever receive one of these cards, you know that someone truly loves you 😉

So what is it exactly that makes Kosher Chicken Soup so magical?

If you know the answer please let me know.

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