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It’s that time again, the Festival of Lights has arrived and we’re again thrown into utter confusion working out how to spell the word Channukah. Go ahead, Google it, you’ll find at least five variations.

In the lead up to Hanukah most of us battle with our sense of reasoning because we suddenly panic and feel guilty about the amount of calories we’re about to consume and yet, relenting to our rich traditions we end up indulging in way too many latkes and donuts and feeling sick and guilt ridden afterwards.

Channukah is considered by many people as the Jewish equivalent of Christmas, probably because it involves eating lots of food, giving gifts, spending time with family and friends and obviously it falls around a similar time. Our non-Jewish friends use Channukah as the best excuse to buy us presents so we don't feel left out at Christmas.

There are certain gifts which are traditionally given at Hannukah, a Menorah, a Dreidel or a big box of donuts, yet in actual fact, gift giving does go way beyond the traditional. With the internet alive with independent creative makers and websites such as Etsy, it's easier than ever to find really cool, on trend Jewish gifting pieces which don't make you fat.

This year I’m being clever with my Channukah gift ideas. Most of my friends spend a lot of time at the gym training and doing Yoga and so rather than give them food related gifts, this year I’m choosing to give them a luxury linen boudoir cushion. I think that's classed as being a thoughtful friend!

Bella Jacob Boudoir cushions tick plenty of gift giving boxes this Channukah, they’re luxurious, 100% natural, super stylish, made locally in England and they’re really rather funny. The natural colour scheme of our unbleached linen matches almost every colour palette.

100% Natural Linen Luxury Boudoir Cushion

Bella Jacob Boudoir Cushion available in 4 designs (Jewish Mother, Time for a Shluf, Oy Vey & Mazel Tov) £39.99 with free shipping.

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