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How the Greeting Card Industry Remains Popular and Original

There’s no denying how popular and diverse the greeting card market of today is. Despite the pull the Internet has had when it comes to e-cards, the greeting card industry remains as popular, if not stronger than ever.

While the early introduction of the Jewish greeting card may have appeased people during more conventional celebrations such as Jewish New Year, Chanukah and Bar & Bat Mitzvahs the modern-day equivalent allows for a mixture of fun and humour and the ability to really let personal messages shine through.

Sending a Card is an Experience in Itself.

While many may operate on autopilot when it comes to buying Jewish greeting cards, there will be others who enjoy hunting for that perfect Jewish card that captures the message they want to convey. Although sending a greeting card can be deemed a simple process, it’s the joy that’s experienced by both parties when it comes to sending a greeting card that makes the process so worthwhile.

Choosing the right type of Jewish greeting card can say a lot about the relationship you hold with the person, as well as how special they are to you. For example, if a close friend has recently landed a new job, then you can be sure that there’s a greeting card available that can congratulate them in their role, that also defines the relationship between the two of you and can convey the key Jewish sentiment. The possibilities really are endless

What Makes for the Perfect Greeting Card?

Like any industry, there will always be an entity that’s looking to make a quick profit from the sale of greeting cards. While such cards are offered at budget prices, consumers often find that they are left with a bland product that doesn’t really convey anything other than how cheap it was.

The secret to the perfect Jewish greeting card is the perfect blend of love, humour, design and overall finish. The more professional a greeting card looks, the more special a person will feel, it’s only human nature.

Introducing Bella Jacob, truly original Jewish Greeting Cards

There’s also a sense of warmth that’s experienced when sending that special someone a greeting card that could almost have been tailor-made for them.

The Jewish community has been keen to embrace these colourful and original cards that really showcase your intentions in the best way possible.

The design and finish of a card can also go a long way to convey a message, be it Bar Mitzvah cards, Bat Mitzvah cards, Friday night dinner cards or a simple Mazel Tov card. With this in mind, it makes sense that you want to ensure that you’re using a premium brand that can offer a vast choice, allowing you to find that perfect Jewish greeting card.

Bella Jacob is a brand that has not only been showcased for its unique and high-quality greeting cards in the Jewish press and the greeting card industry press, but has also been curated for SPOTTED at Top Drawer 2017, the first Jewish brand to do so.

As well as Mazel Tov cards and other Jewish greeting cards, Bella Jacob can offer a choice of cards for other Jewish celebrations and occasions.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect Kvelling card from the Granparents, the Jewish card to send for a Friday Night Dinner or just a special way to say thank you, you can be sure that the luxury card you choose will be crafted using a truly original eye for detail, luxury paper stock and a professional finish.

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