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30TH MARCH – APRIL 7TH 2018 or the Hebrew date NISSAN 15-22, 5778

Here we go again it’s time for Pesach (Passover) and some of us are already thinking about how we will embrace our rich Jewish traditions.

One thing’s for sure, we’re going to be very busy cleaning our homes from top to bottom of Chometz with our modern- day feathers AKA The Dyson and swapping over all our pots and pans to ensure we are fully ready and Kosher for Passover. I’m glad Pesach falls in Spring because I have always used it as a marker for my annual Spring Clean.



We’re celebrating the release of our ancestors from yet more slavery, this time from the ancient Egyptians! During our escape we had to be quick on our feet so there was no time to let the bread rise before taking it on our journey to freedom – This is why we only eat unleavened bread (Matza) during Pesach. It may taste of crunchy tasteless nothingness but I’m sure they didn’t care and for us in 2018, well it is excellent when dieting as it has hardly any calories!

My best tip – try Matza with Jam or Nutella.


We celebrate Pesach with the traditional Seder meal. If you are me, you will have already invited your family and friends and planned your menu. I like taking Pesach to a whole new level including a Pesach fancy dress for Children and a bit of Pesach Bingo. It’s a great way of distracting myself from the thought of not being able to eat Challah or Bagels for 8 days. I also make sure I get plenty of plastic Frogs for the kids to play with, afterall what is Pesach without Frogs here, there and everywhere?!

The celebratory traditional Seder meal is one of the highlight of my Jewish calendar, I love nothing better than being with family and friends, reading ad remembering our rich heritage and the troubled times our ancestors went through, reading aloud the ten plagues and watching the kids find the Afi Koman.

I am lucky enough to have been handed down my Grandmas Seder Plate. It is the most beautiful plate in the world to me and I cherish every year when I can carry on the Jewish family tradition of making the Seder meal.

I have got roasting a bone down to perfection to represent the sacrificial lamb and my Charoset seems to go down a treat!

Wherever you are celebrating Pesach this year

Chag Pesach Sameach.

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